MIGFOAM is a project jointly operated by Qingdao Guanshan Industry Co., Ltd. and Huidong Co., Ltd. The goal of the project is to become a leading enterprise in the field of sound-absorbing and cushioning materials for household appliances, automotive accessories, building materials and package material.

The processing foam center is located in Xin’an Industrial Park, Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering an area of 15000 square meters and employing 220 employees. The dust-free workshop is under construction, meeting the European level 7 and Chinese level 100000 dust-free workshop standards, covering an area of 2400 square meters. As Haier’s largest supplier of foam accessories, as well as high-quality suppliers of Hisense and Hitachi, we have unique advantages in R&D capacity, processing capacity and delivery time. We have certificates such as ISO9001:2015, ISO45001:2018, ISO 14001:2015, and started certification for TS16949 in 2023.

As a pioneer in the international market, MIGFOAM is responsible for showcasing and selling advantageous products to international customers, exploring the development trends of international market demand and technology development, and providing information support for the company in formulating research and development directions.

Factory Capability Products

Since the establishment of the factory, we have continuously invested in professional production and testing equipment, including two automatic auxiliary machine rubber mixing centers, two precision rubber mixing centers, four large foam vulcanization production lines, large coating machines, servo precision punches, vertical cutting machines, die-cutting machines, slitting machines, pipe making machines, embossing and laminating machines, and other professional equipment; The laboratory has complete testing equipment, including hazardous substance tester, electronic tensile machine, horizontal and vertical combustion meter, glow wire tester, xenon lamp aging test chamber, vulcanizer, constant temperature and humidity tester, initial viscosity tester, viscosity retention tester, thermostat, density balance, Analytical balance, etc

Our production processes include: slitting, slicing, die-cutting, bonding, kiss cutting, CNC processing, backing, and sewing. The materials we supply include: EPDM, PE/EVA, LDPE, EPE plank, LC, PU, XPE, IXPE, CR, Silicone, NBR/PVC heat insulation sheet, heat insulation pipe, felt, water stop foam sheet, Polyamide foam sheet, Acrylic cyanide felt and two component cotton. The size of the product can be customized according to your needs, from 1m * 100m coil, to 1m * 2m sheet, and then to 10mm gasket, we can control it within the tolerance range.

glue foam processing
die cut foam gasket production machines (4)