We use molds to produce foam sheets. After one-stage foaming and two-stage foaming production process, a foamed block with stable performance is finally produced. Using halogen-free formula, flame retardant formula, and anti-static formula to produce foam board for special needs is also our specialty. Our current production capabilities cover the range of materials: EPDM, Neoprene, EPDM+CR, NBR+PVC, EVA, PE and silicone.

Foam sheet, standard size is 1mx2m, thickness includes 50mm and 100mm. The most frequently produced colors include: black, anthracite, white. Of course, custom color is also possible, if you can see the blue EPDM foam board, you can contact me for photos or samples.

Relying on the experience of processing for well-known enterprises, we have strong CAD design and production capabilities, and can provide customers with vertical cutting service on a cutting table for squared or sharped shapes, or CNC cutting machines for CAD-based geometry.

Horizontal cutting (splitting) of slabstock foams in panels, Continual splitting of blocks which are glued together to manufacture rolls. Thickness available from 0.5 mm+/-0.1 mm, depending on the material.

It is a complex process to compound foam sheet with other products, or to press the surface of foamed products to make patterns that no longer spring back. We have provided many processed products for industry, home decoration industry and packaging industry. Foam equipped with one-sided or two-sided self-adhesive tapes, jointed by heat and pressure and further materials (textile, velour, aluminum foil etc.) can be laminated with our foams upon request

As the most basic processing technology, die cutting, we have a reputation for low prices and fast delivery. At the same time, targeted packaging can prevent the goods from being scattered or deformed during transportation.