Die Cut Foam Gasket

Die cut foam gasket is our superior production process. The molds designed according to the drawings can achieve perfect edge and dimensional tolerances. We have dozens of machines with different processing techniques and equipped with automatic cutting equipment and gluing equipment. Our ability to apply glue independently helps us choose the right glue according to the foam material. Small batch processing, sample processing, drawing processing, customized packaging are all available.

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Die cut Foam Gasket Factory Photos

die cut foam gasket production machines (4)
die cut foam gasket production machines (2)
die cut foam gasket production machines (3)
die cut foam gasket production machines (1)

Die cut foam gasket Components

A broad line of foam gasket materials is kept in stock by MIGFOAM. A wide variety of thicknesses, hardness, densities, and colors are available for foam materials. Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing is an option for the majority of foam materials. You can get help choosing the right foam material from our knowledgeable sales staff for your particular application. The materials we use the most frequently are:

  • PE Foam (Polyethylene foam)

  • EVA Foam (Ethylene-vinyl acetate foam)

  • Melamine Foam

  • PU Foam (Polyurethane Foam)

  • EPDM Foam

  • CR Foam (Neoprene Foam)

  • NBR Foam (heat insulation foam)

  • Silicone Foam (Smooth and textruzied surface)

With all of these different types of gasketing materials, we have made custom gaskets are produced? Dust foam Gaskets, High Heat Foam Gaskets(Heat Resistant Foam Gaskets) , Thermal Insulation self adhesive Gaskets,  Electrical Outlet ESD Foam Gaskets,  Speaker noise control Gaskets,  Outdoor Light Fixture sealing Gaskets, Transformer rubber foam Gaskets, Air Compressor noise control foam Gaskets,  Solar Panel foam Gaskets.