EPE Foam Sheet

EPE Foam Sheet, also known as Expanded Polyethylene foam. We supply two different EPE foam sheet, one is Laminated Polyethylene Foam, that can be laminated together to create end products of varied thicknesses, color and densities. Solving unique challenges with a customized solution. Another is extruded polyethylene foam plank. Without the Laminated process, this type can reach a thickness of 100mm. It can be fabricated into custom designed packaging components that offer excellent cushioning properties

EPE Foam Sheet

Laminated EPE Foam Sheets

extruded polyethylene foam plank

Extruded Polyethylene Foam Plank

EPE Foam Sheet Classification

  • Expanded Polyethylene foam: The maximum thickness before laminated is 5mm, and the maximum thickness after laminated is 50mm. The size of laminated block is 1 m x 2 m. The max size of jumbo roll is 5 mm x 3 m x 100 m.

  • Anti-static pink EPE foam sheets: It fits the international popular color, which is convenient for customers to distinguish. The size of the foam block after fitting is 50 mm x 1 m x 2 m. We can cut it to the size you want, or process it into the style you want.

  • Extruded polyethylene foam plank: Through the extrusion process, the problems of insufficient bonding strength, insufficient resilience, and poor durability are solved. The maximum thickness is 100 mm. The hole diameter can be adjust according to customers’ sample.

EPE Foam Sheets Technical Data Sheet

  • EPE foam sheets / Expanded polyethylene foam / anti static epe foam sheets

    Density from 18 KG/CBMS to 35 KG/CBMS

    Color: white, black, pink

  • Extruded polyethylene foam plank

    Density from 20~40 KG/CBMS, max size: 100 mm x 610 mm x 2750 mm

    Density from 40~96 KG/CBMS, max size: 80 mm x 600 mm x 2500 mm