Neoprene Foam Tape

Neoprene foam tape is a special tape processed from closed-cell neoprene foam sheets, which are glued and cut by machine in workshop. The CR foam tapes are highly durable and mutli-purpose with our exclusive direct coated adhesive backing process. We offer a variety of densities neopeprene foam tapes, and variety thickness and widths to suit your applications. From UL rated, Electronics and Appliances, HVAC, Construction, Enclosures, and Outdoor Applications. At the same time, special packaging requirements can also be met. We once made packaging with barcodes for American customers, and then helped customers sell directly in supermarkets.

neoprene foam tape

The production image of neoprene foam tape

We have a glue coating production line, which can meet the glue requirements of different properties. The advantage of this is that it can avoid tape peeling or offset problems caused by too far between the gluing process and the cutting process. Our laboratory has dynamic and static peel test instruments to realize the control and test of peel strength.

With the input of rotary cutting equipment, automatic stamping and other equipment, we have a variety of processing capabilities, such as cutting into rolls, cutting foam without breaking the tape, special shapes, etc.

glue foam processing
Continuous Viscosity Tester
neoprene foam sheet-3