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Sound absorption and noise reduction is the use of certain sound-absorbing materials or sound-absorbing structures to absorb sound energy, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing noise intensity.

Sound-absorbing material noise reduction uses the soft and porous characteristics of sound-absorbing materials to absorb part of the sound waves. When the sound waves enter the pores of the porous material, they can cause the air in the pores and the tiny fibers of the material to vibrate. Due to the frictional resistance between the air and the pore walls , air viscous resistance and heat conduction, a considerable part of the sound energy will be converted into heat energy and dissipated, thus playing the role of sound absorption and noise reduction.

To evaluate the performance of a sound-absorbing material, the “sound absorption coefficient” is used to express it. The larger the sound absorption coefficient, the better the sound absorption effect of the material.

Sound insulation and noise reduction is the use of certain sound insulation materials to reduce the spread or penetration of noise or sound.

The main principles of noise reduction using sound insulation materials are: 1. Use high-quality, high-density materials to prevent the propagation and penetration of sound waves. 2. Utilize the damping property of the material itself to convert vibration into heat energy or other dissipable energy, effectively suppressing resonance and reducing noise.

To evaluate the performance of a sound insulation material, the “insulation volume” is used to express it. The greater the insulation volume, the better the sound insulation effect of the material.

Our main Soundproofing Felt

The main material of bicomponent cotton is PP fiber + PET fiber. Its density can be ≥20kg/m³. Its flame retardant performance complies with UL94-HF-2. It has the best sound absorption effect, but has poor temperature resistance (100℃ Within), it is mainly used in places where the temperature requirements are not high (aluminum foil materials can also be pasted on the surface to achieve the purpose of heat insulation). At present, this sound insulation cotton of our company is mainly used in the electric heating division and the air conditioning division.

Multi-component cotton is our company’s latest development of acrylic fiber + PP fiber + PET fiber blended sound-absorbing cotton. This sound-absorbing cotton takes into account the temperature resistance of acrylic felt and the sound-absorbing performance of a two-component surface (better against low-frequency noise) ), and its temperature resistance, flame retardancy, thickness, etc. can be customized according to needs. It has been used in batches on commercial air conditioners.

Acrylonitrile felt is a sound-absorbing and heat-insulating material widely used in household appliances. Its main material is acrylic fiber, its density can reach 50-150kg/m³; its flame retardancy complies with UL94-V1; its temperature resistance is between -40℃~120℃. It is the sound-absorbing material with the best comprehensive performance at present. Its temperature resistance, flame retardancy and other properties can be customized according to customer requirements.


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