Thermal Insulation Foam Tubes

Thermal insulation foam tubes are mainly black, suitable for central air-conditioning, construction.ships. vehiclesand other industnes to meet the perommance requirements of themal insulation. moisturebarier. energy saving and consumption reduction, and green environmental protection.

The product is suitable for heat preservation and heat insulation of various pipes & equipmentand is widely used in the heat preservation and heat insulation proiects of air-conditioningsystem water pipes and air pipes, hot water pipes and process pipes in industrial/civilianbuildings, petrochemical industry, medical and health and other public places.

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Advantages of rubber insulation material: With rubber as the main raw material, it does not contain fiber, formaldehyde, CFC and other ozone-depleting refrigerants, and can be directly exposed to the air, and is not harmful to human health. The standard product is black, there are two major categories of rubber foam insulation board and insulation pipe, widely used in central air conditioning system water piping, air ducts, hot water piping, process piping.

Advantage of Insulation pipe: Closed-cell Structure, Low thermal conductivity, reduce the thermal losses effectivity. Fireproof, soundproof, flexible, elastic, Protective, anti-collision, Simple, smooth and easy to install, Environmental.

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